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The future of printing is now available at TMS! DTF Print allows unlimited creativity in creating custom apparel, without the limitations and costs of screen printing.



Custom Apparel
with a Trusted DTF Printer

At TMS, we understand the importance of colour and detail in transforming your ideas into stunning custom apparel. DTF printing is more straightforward, versatile, and cost-effective than screen printing, which requires individual screens for each colour to produce modern designs. With DTF printing, the only limit is your imagination! 
Key differentiators between DTF and Screen Printing are:  

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What is the Difference Between Screen Printing and DTF Printing? 

What is the Difference Between
Screen Printing and DTF Printing? 

Direct to Film (DTF) printing is a modern technique that allows for high-quality graphic transfers onto various fabrics. Unlike traditional screen printing, which requires individual screens for each colour, DTF printing is more straightforward and versatile.

No! You don’t have to simplify your provided logo or graphics with DTF Printing, any number of colours can be included in your custom design without any additional fees. Screen printing charges you an additional fee per colour added, and restricts the total number of colours allowed in each design. Usually, screen printing is 2- or 3-colours only.

Yes, in most cases!  If looking to print one colour only on a large scale, screen printing may end up costing less, as screen printing charges you an initial setup fee with an additional cost for each colour you add. DTF doesn’t charge setup fees and doesn’t require colossal order minimums as screen printing does.

Yes! DTF produces high-quality prints with immense vibrancy and definition, while screen printing tends to have more of a ‘bleed’ on its colours and less definition.

Yes! You can print custom designs on almost any fabric or colour of fabric with DTF printing, contact us for a quote!

TMS is in Enderby, British Columbia, but we can deliver any DTF-printed apparel and swag across Canada! We offer free shipping and/or next-day delivery for most cities in British Columbia – contact us for a quote with shipping rates!

DTF Printing with TMS 

When you work with TMS, the only limit is your imagination, and our quick turnaround promises to keep pace with your creativity. Tell us about your project, and create custom apparel with precision & colour brilliance.

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